Pastor Bayless Conley of Cottonwood Church

Qualities That Will Attract Blessings Start at 2:30 minutes * The Lord Is My Shepherd Start at 31:00 minutes * Crucifixion Start at 32:00 minutes * Focus In Golf Start at 30 minutes * Astonishing Son of God * Parable of the Wheat and the Tares Parts 1 and 2  *  Patience and Gentleness Start at 22 minutes * Qualities That Will NOT Attract Blessings * Relationships


Pastor Joel Holm of Cottonwood Church

Timothy and Titus Starts at 26 minutes * Gratefulness First Starts at 22 minutes


Pastor Ryan Lee of Blessed International Church

Power of God * Foundations of Apostolic Authority * Outpouring of God's Love             Obedience to the Lord's Cause * Set Your Mind on Heaven's Realities                             Stumbling Block to Stepping Stone * Set Your Mind on Heaven's Realities

Listen from Pastor Ryan - Carry the Cross and The Cross Will Carry You 

How to Discern the Will of God * Nothing But The Cross

Listen from Pastor Joseph Lee - But By The Spirit * Kingdom Seed * Stay Connected to the Cross


Fr. Thomas Hopko Eastern Orthodox Christian Theologian

Wrath of God * The Filioque * Role of Gender and Sexuality in the Christian Life * Death of Christ and our Death in Him


CS Lewis - Apologist

Mere Christianity * My Life's Journey * Free Will and Problem of Evil * Original Recording

A Primer on Pride


Ravi Zacharias - Apologist

How To  Measure Your Choices * The Problem of Sufferings * Mystery of Evil and Miracle of Life


Rick Warren of Saddleback Church Church

How To Be Thankful Even In Bad Times * How To Deal With Difficult People * What Matters Most In Life * How To Bring Out The Best in KIDS - Part 1 * Part 2

My son's suicide and God's garden of grace


Napoleon Kaufman of The Well Christian Community

Chain Breaker * Highlights * GREED *   Servanthood


Temple Aviv Judea * Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem - Pastor Albin Lapuz  

Irene in Christ In You * Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem - Irene Guevara



Last Hour of Apostle Paul